ALM Direct is the first completely web-based asset/liability management solution for community financial institutions. With only a web browser you can prepare your regular ALM reports, simulate earnings and devise strategies to improve your institution's performance.

While making ALM Direct easy to use is a top priority, powerful analytics are equally important. We do not cut any corners when it comes to properly modeling the assets and liabilities on your balance sheet. Whether you own mostly vanilla instruments or your balance sheet is full of complex securities and derivatives, we will model each one as accurately as the Wall Street firm you bought it from.

ALM Direct's basic features and benefits include:
No software to install, update or maintain
Access your data and reports from any web browser
Full economic value with instrument-level, option-adjusted valuation
Complete balance sheet and income statement forecasting
Flexible balance sheet growth and reinvestment strategies
Complete ALM report package available in PDF or Excel format
Manage input data with easy to use Excel templates
Perform unlimited "what-if" scenarios to test strategies for improving your performance
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